Naruto Server

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Welcome to the number one naruto server!

Server down: You might be wondering why the server is down at this moment in time. The server will be down until the end of school term in England as we all are very busy. Not with our school work, but with a new mod we are working on to make this server, and many other servers more enjoyable. We are very sorry for any inconvieniences and hope your ready to be back on the MCNaruto server in summer.

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If you have been looking for a minecraft server based on the best anime 'Naruto', then you have come to the right place. Our server is one of the only naruto servers that is dedicated to what we do. Our server is online 24/7, and our group of op's and admins are there to help you out whenever you need the help! Also, with our server founder 'sager2210', whom you may also know from the tailed beast mod, is ready to help the site become much more efficient, the way you would like every server to be. So come online, and join the growing community of naruto and minecraft maniacs!

Server IP:


Just like every other minecraft server, we have cetain rules everyone is obligated to follow, or else there will be either a short-term ban or a permanent one, or a fine through Iconomy on server! And no one wants that, niether you or us! Therefore please read through these rules quickly, as if any of these rules are broken, you will be tried for a ban by the server admins. We are a fair community which is why we do not like banning permanently and neither temporarily.
The rules are:
1. No use of tnt. Anyone found using tnt on the server, will be tried for either a permanant ban or a short-term ban (depending on amount used and of past rule breaking history).
2. We only tolerate fashionable swearing. It migh sound irresponsible, but we are aware that there are people of all ages using our server, therefore swearing is allowed but please watch your language, if you do not have to swear then don't, and do not swear at others on server. (There are usually no bans.
3. No bullying allowed. If anyone on our server is bullied, the bully will be tried for a permanant ban, with a chance of coming back on server by an application.
4. Do not ask ops and admins for resources, game mode switch etc. We can not help you in those things. You will not get banned but you might get fined if you keep on asking and annoying either server users or the admins and ops. That goes also for becoming op.
5. Griefing is a crime that gets you a permanent ban straight away. It is possible to get back on server through another form but it rarely works out. So do not grief.